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Fraudulent mobile phone subscriptions on the rise

The Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Posts (OCECPR) has issued a Decree tightening up protection of consumers against fraudulent mobile phone subscriptions.

The Decree stipulates that before a new subscription is confirmed, consumers will have to give verbal consent or send a text message to a mobile phone provider in response to text messages informing them of new services,

According to the Decree, no other method of initiating a subscription is legal.

The OCECPR reported that recently, there has been a significant increase on the number of complaints it receives from consumers for mobile phone charges – which sometimes are as high as €100 – attributed to services and subscriptions that they have signed up for without knowing that they will be charged for them.

In some instances, mobile phone providers use advertisements and competitions in social media in which users are asked to submit their details, including their phone number. Users then start receiving messages which charge their mobile bill.

The OCECPR believes that the new Decree will curb the ability of providers to acquire subscriptions via fraudulent means.






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