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‘Four-day work week’ comes to Cyprus as well

The notion of a four-day work week has been kicking around for a long time and Cyprus seems to be ready for this economic experimentation.

In fact, PwC Cyprus has just launched the four-day work week for the summer season and on a trial basis only.

Specifically, the four-day work week will be in effect in July and August, according to a PwC spokesman.

As countries in Europe and North America emerge from lockdown and start trying to rebuild their devastated economies, there is a frantic search for job-saving strategies. And the ‘four-day work week’ seems to be part of the solution.

The four-day week is not about spreading the load, experts warn. It is about finding ways for people who already have jobs to squeeze the same work into four 10-hour working days instead of five eight-hour days.

Or to work ‘smarter’ so that they can get the same work done (or more) in only four eight-hour days.

The 40-hour week done in four days is the only available option for most process workers on assembly lines or other repetitive physical tasks.

Ten-hour workdays are even harder than they sound, but the prize is a three-day weekend and some people are willing to pay the price.

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