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Forty-two-year-old man sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment on charges of child sexual abuse

The Assize in Nicosia sentenced a 42-year-old male defendant who pleaded guilty to two counts of solicitation of children for sexual purposes and two counts of child sexual abuse to 3.5 years in prison on Thursday.

According to an announcement by the Criminal Court, the 42-year-old, approached through an internet application called Instagram two high school children aged 14 and 15 respectively and gained access to photos and videos showing the minors naked.

He also allegedly challenged the minors to witness sexual acts without their participation.

It is noted that the accused is charged with a previous conviction for similar offences.

In imposing the sentence, the Court stressed the seriousness of the offences, which arises both from their nature and from the sentence of ten years imprisonment provided by the relevant Law.

It was also stressed that the accused used the internet for his illegal purposes, a space that is a means of communication for young people mainly, not to communicate, but to satisfy his vulgar appetites to the detriment of minors.

According to the Court, this is unacceptable and indescribably vulgar behaviour that causes disgust to every healthy member of society and the Law will fight it with the imposition of dissuasive penalties.

The Criminal Court took into account, among other things, for the purpose of mitigating the sentence, the immediate admission of the accused, and his personal and familial circumstances.

The psychological problems that arose due to his abuse during his childhood were also taken into account during sentencing, but these are not important reasons that will prevent the imposition of a severe punishment, the announcement concludes.

Source: Philenews/CNA

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