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Forestry Department denounces Troodos littering

The Forestry Department has condemned the littering of the Troodos National Forest Park after videos published by Environment Commissioner Klelia Vasiliou went viral on Monday.

The announcement, published on the Department’s Facebook page, describes the forest as “a treasure of immense ecological value which offers a unique experience to visitors at this time of year.”

“In order to enjoy it, we need to maintain it at high environmental standards, for the benefit of Cypriots as well as tourists. The images we saw a few days ago are shameful.”

“New rubbish bins will be placed in the area and we are calling on the public to use them.”

“We will contribute in any way we can to the cleaning of the area. We ask citizens to support our efforts and we would also like to remind the public that littering a state forest is an offence punishable by imprisonment of up to a year, or by a fine of up to € 5,000, or both penalties together.”

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