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Foreign workers a majority in private sector of occupied north – TC media

The number of persons  registered as employees in the private sector of the occupied north is 94,526, figures released by the “ministry of labour and tourism” show.

Of these, 44,512 are citizens of the regime, while 34,574 are mainland Turkish citizens and 15,440 are citizens of other countries.

The tourism sector employs around a fifth of the private sector’s employees. According to the data, 18,585 people work in the tourism sector and 4,161 are citizens of the breakaway regime.

The number of foreigners employed in the tourism sector reportedly increased four times more than the number of local employees within the period 2014-2018.

Turkish Cypriot newspaper Yeni Duzen reports that according to the figures, 8,402 persons were employed in casinos in the occupied area of Cyprus in 2018. More than half of these employees (4,358) are citizens of Turkey. The number of foreigners working in casinos is 2,356 and the number of citizens of the regime is 1,688.

(With information from Yeni Duzen)

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