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Foreign Ministry announces cooperation with Clingendael Academy – Ecorys venture

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the beginning of cooperation with joint venture Clingendael Academy – Ecorys with a view to enhancing policy development and the practice of economic diplomacy.

The project, a Foreign Ministry press release says, “is funded by the European Commission structural reforms support agency on the basis of a proposal submitted by the ministry in 2017, which was selected in the context of a competitive process at European level.”

The cooperation, it adds, will last one year and will include, among other things, mapping activities related to economic diplomacy, developing a strategy and an action plan and training the ministry`s and other government departments` staff, in order to make the most of the effort.

The project`s total budget is €135,000.

Clingendael Aceademy is one of the largest independent diplomatic centres in the world offering its services to governments, civil society and the private sector. Every year, about 2,500 international proffessionals from more than 60 countries take part in Clingendael relevant actions, the ministry says.

Ecorys, it notes, is a research consultancy of internatoinal reach which provides research and development services for policies, technical help and the acquisition of skills.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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