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Food delivery drivers to go through traffic safety training


Following a spate of accidents involving food and coffee delivery motorcycle and moped drivers over the past few years, police are organising structured traffic training for those who are on the street day and night, possibly more than any other driver.

The goal is for delivery drivers to become well acquainted with traffic safety rules and be able to protect themselves.

They are considered the most vulnerable group of drivers in Cyprus with every year seeing as many as 10 fatal or serious accidents. Following an investigation into the circumstances of these accidents, it seems that car drivers fail to notice the food delivery motorcycles on the roads and often block their way.

It’s also been established that most delivery drivers have not received any traffic training, only hold a learner’s drivers’ license and a helmet is their only protection.

Τhe Traffic department will be cooperating with food delivery companies as well as food businesses who deliver at home (chains), so all their delivery people go through traffic safety training.

In addition, the Transport ministry will be making relevant amendments to the legislation on securing a moped license.

There is also legal ambiguity as to the criminalising of driving of a motorcycle or moped without a proper license in the workplace, given the fact that the driver is undertaking the food delivery task of his own free will.

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