NewsLocalFlu vaccines in demand in Cyprus as Autumn approaches

Flu vaccines in demand in Cyprus as Autumn approaches

Cyprus health officials, in line with other European countries, plan an even greater push for flu vaccination this year to prevent hospitalisations and further strain on health systems already burdened by Covid-19.

With Autumn just around the corner the Ministry of Health expects the first batch of a total of 180,000 vaccines it has ordered on September 30, according to Philenews.

In addition, a request has already been submitted through EU procedures for the provision of 1.2 million doses of coronavirus vaccines.

At the same time, flu shot manufacturers are increasing output to record levels.

European Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou told Philenews that joint bids for the purchase of additional doses of vaccines have been pushed forward.

“This year the bet is quite big..the combination of the two, flu and coronavirus, is something we have never encountered before and therefore do not have the necessary experience.”



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