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Flourishing Potential – International School of Nicosia – We pave the way

What we stand for  


We aim to ensure that every child is excited about learning. We are a Great, Thinking School, which provides pastoral care to all our children and young people. Alongside our dedicated and inspirational teachers, we pave the way to success.

We want children to grow in confidence, enthusiasm and independence during their time with us, in preparation for life in the Secondary School and beyond.

Our teaching methods reflect our forward thinking; offer a creative, stimulating environment within which children can develop a lifelong love of learning.

ISN provides a rich curricular including after school activities. Whether a pupil is interested in playing an instrument or singing in a choir, performing in a drama production, playing a sport or joining a society or club, there is something for everyone.

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Our philosophy


As an International school, our community reflects the diversity of many cultural backgrounds.

The primary department has very close links with the Secondary department as do both with the nursery dept. so that children and young people have access to each other during community service or school events.


Our Ethos and Philosophy capture the spirit of happy, aspiring, respectful young people.

These actions define and determine our character:

  • Advancing the education and intellectual and moral development of our pupils, whatever their capabilities, attributes and interests
  • Securing the welfare and safety of our pupils as individuals and as members of a community
  • Celebrating diversity and Global citizenship
  • Fostering open-mindedness and thoughtfulness in our pupils and our School


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Pupil Care

 Our young people are encouraged and guided to learn the instincts of courtesy and good manners while they develop a moral code and practice living it out in readiness for their adult lives. We support them to discover and build self-confidence so that they are ready to develop strength and resourcefulness to meet the challenges of day-to-day life. Their healthy mind set, enables them to have transferable interests and pursuits in an International, co-educational setting where they learn and practice the skills of friendship through participation in a wide range of activities and European projects.



WHY would parents CHOOSE ISN? 


Some of the most important decisions parents will make are about their child’s education. They would want their child’s school to meet the same goals of high academic achievement while pastorally supported. Some parents may want their child’s school to reflect the values of their family and community. In other words, they would want to choose a school that is a good fit for their child and his/her future.

Why ISN?

Because it is the only International School that aims to meet the’ No Child Left Behind Act’.

That every Child’s Needs are met in this structured environment.

The school fosters creativity and independent learning.

When necessary some of the children receive an English language acquisition program. Additional Languages are offered to select from.

Every Child’s Learning Style is sensitively considered, and differentiation takes place in all subject areas.


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The school develops character and citizenship.

All school policies reflect the ethos of a community, child centred environment.  Teachers are fair in their responses to students, encouraging and above all caring.

Safety, Health and Hygiene, security measures are considered to be of vital importance.

Approach to Learning based on project Learning, individual performance.


Facilities and Services

After school services

Meeting personal needs/ SEN and Talented and Gifted program

Teachers valued and constantly supported to meet professional and personal targets

Community ethos

Parent and Community Involvement

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Situated in a green and quiet area near the city, we have facilities that engage, and aesthetically pleasing for all age groups.

Our EY department has a wellness garden, alongside the literacy gardens and outdoor classroom, a small maze, a vegetable garden, an amphitheatre, a pool and other features that depict our happy and welcoming community.

Our young children enjoy the visits to local farms and parks and the older students thrive on visiting historical sites, theatre, concerts etc.

We pride ourselves in our wide and nurturing selection of other events and activities. Guest speakers come to school during tutorials, Financial Lit. week while we enjoy the fund raising events organised by our PTA and Pupils Council.


Other activities and clubs include:

  • Choir / School Band
  • Music Ensembles
  • Children’s University
  • Sports Days/ swimming galas
  • All children benefit from activities including inspiring visits from musicians, storytellers, authors and theatrical groups, to our edible garden and cooking activities.
  • A Scholar’s Day is organised each year for the year 12/13 and our International Award for young people encourages many life-skills.


International School of Nicosia

19 Atlantidos, Lakatamia, Nicosia 2306, Cyprus

Tel. +357 22 780 527
+357 22 592 900

Email – [email protected]

Monday – Friday: 07:30-18:15



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