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Fledgling “Long-Covid Cyprus” group to support thousands of patients

Thousands of Cypriots are suffering from long Covid-19 side-effects and a new support group has been set up in a bid to help them cope with the situation.

This is what Marios Kouloumas who heads the Cyprus Organised Patients Association told state radio on Monday.

“Long-Covid Cyprus” is linked with Europe’s established new network of patient associations, formed partly through social media websites, called Long Covid Europe.

Just like the ones in Europe, the fledgling group in Cyprus is demanding better research and treatment for the tangle of ongoing symptoms that afflict many people who have had covid-19.

A patchwork of small studies has given some indication of what long covid on the continent is like.

In a study of 130 cases, 40% of patients reported “persistent fatigue” 60 days after their first symptoms, while 30% reported breathlessness.


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