NewsLocalFive drug overdose deaths in 2019, high-risk methamphetamine use on the rise

Five drug overdose deaths in 2019, high-risk methamphetamine use on the rise

Cyprus is among three EU countries with recent estimates of high-risk methamphetamine use which now ranges from 0.55 per 1 000 population – corresponding to 330 high-risk users.

In addition, Cyprus recorded a total of five deaths from a drug overdose in 2019, according to the European Drug Report 2021: Trends and Developments.

The report, released on Wednesday by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), provides an overview and summary of the European drug situation up to the end of 2020. Based on available 2019 statistics.

Strict coronavirus restrictive measures and total lockdowns did not manage to contain the use of drugs, the report also shows.

A negative picture prevailed in the EU in general, with a total of 5,141 people losing their lives to illegal substances. As for the drug trafficking market, this showed remarkable resilience and adaptability despite the pandemic.

In Cyprus, the average age of those who died from drug use decreased to 31.2 years in 2019, compared to 35.4 years in 2018.

In addition, 50% of the people who lost their lives due to overdose between 2004 and 2019, are people of Greek Cypriot origin, 25% are EU nationals and the remaining 25% are third country nationals.

Methamphetamine in Europe appears in powder and crystalline form. Injecting or smoking of methamphetamine is reported among various subgroups of people who use drugs, including problem drug users.




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