NewsLocalFive arrested for possession of 1.2 kilos of cannabis

Five arrested for possession of 1.2 kilos of cannabis

Police said they have found 1.2 kilos of cannabis and arrested five youths after a car chase in the Nicosia district.

They said that acting on a tip off, the anti narcotics squad had on Saturday spotted a car with a 25 year old man and a 23 year old woman moving suspiciously.

At one point, it approached a second car driven driven by a 23 year old man and with a 22 year old woman and 21 year old man as passengers and a bag was exchanged.

Police tried to cut off the cars and the second car first collided into a police vehicle and then drove off as did the first car.

Police pursued the second car from which a bag was thrown. In it police found a bag with 1.1 kilos of cannabis. The car was later found abandoned.

But police soon found and stopped the first car. In it were all five youths who were arrested. During a search of their house police found 102 grams of cannabis.

Police investigations continue.


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