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Fishermen on Cyprus boat detained by Turkish navy

Five fishermen aboard a Cypriot fishing boat have been detained and taken to the Turkish occupied port of Kyrenia, CyBC TV reported on Friday.

It said the incident occurred in international waters after a Turkish navy vessel asked to board and search their boat, then obliged them to go to Kyrenia.

The captain of the boat had time to contact Radio Kypros to say what had happened, the TV station added.

The five fishermen were reported to be Egyptian.

There have been two other incidents with a fishing boat of the same company which was harassed  by Turkish warships in international waters, forcing the boat to leave the area, it said.

The Cyprus government is making efforts through the UN to secure the fishermen’s release.

Aristos Aristidou,  owner of the company Ta Psarokaika which owns the fishing boat, told the Cyprus News Agency that the boat was in international waters between Akamas and Kormakitis when it was approached by a Turkish navy ship. Soldiers boarded the boat to carry out checks, telling the crew that they were under arrest, he said.

Aristidou said that all competent state authorities have been informed and efforts are underway to secure the release of the crew and the return of the boat.


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