InsiderEconomyFirst Gregory’s shop opens in Limassol

First Gregory’s shop opens in Limassol

The company “Gregory’s” continues its development in Cyprus with another franchise shop, the first one in Limassol.

Specifically, as of October 28, 2022, the residents of Limassol can enjoy the products of “Gregory’s” at 127, Agiou Andrea Street, daily.

Through the franchise system, the company has become a considerable force in street coffee and snacks.

From a small shop in Dafni, Greece in 1972, it has currently managed to have more than 360 franchise shops both in Greece and abroad.

The “Gregory’s” network of shops currently has the 9th place in the European ranking with the biggest chains of coffee on-the-go.

The first three shops opened in the Cypriot market at the beginning of 2006 and currently, there are seven (two in Nicosia, four in Larnaca, and one in Limassol).

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