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Find out where you’re registered to vote for the presidential elections

Citizens can learn in which polling station they are registered to vote in view of the presidential elections on February 5, via phone call, SMS or online, the Central Election Service announced on Friday.


Citizens can visit the following two websites and submit their identification number and date of birth to learn where they are registered to vote.


Also, they can text the number 1199 on their phones, by writing “wtv,” their identification number and date of birth, all separated by a space.

For example: wtv identification number date of birth


Pancyprian number: 77 77 22 12

Nicosia: 22804348, 22804295, 22804349, 22804283

Limassol: 25806443, 25806454, 25806406, 25806447

Famagusta: 23200935, 23200937, 23200938, 23200922

Larnaca: 24801870, 24801872, 24801858, 24801868

Paphos: 26801143, 26801144, 26801148

Ministry of the Interior: 22867640

The above numbers also serve as helplines, which citizens can call to find information regarding the operating hours of polling stations and what to do in case they want to replace their electoral booklet.

Charges for a call are €0.15 per minute. For texts to 1199, there is a €0.034 charge per message.

Voting for the presidential elections will start at 7 pm and end at 12 pm, with a one-hour break. Then, it will resume at 1:00 pm and end at 6:00 pm.

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