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Finally “pay as you throw”

The issue of refuse is finally at the last mile in the effort of the Republic of Cyprus to meet the targets of the Europen Union, after the approval of the relevant law by the Parliament.

The problem in Cyprus is due to the large quantity of refuse produced by each resident annually compared to the quantity of items recycled.

According to estimates of the Statistical Service, the quantity of refuse produced in Cyprus in 2020 was 543 thousand tons compared to 571 tons in 2019. The average production per person in the European Union in 2020 was 505 kilos when in Cyprus the corresponding number was 609, one of the highests among EU member-states.

With the implementation of the new program, the municipalities aim to achieve the transformation of waste into valuable raw materials, as most waste is recycled. At the same time, the fixed, annual waste collection fee charged to every citizen today will be abolished and there will be a  variable payment  method. The charge will be relative only on to the amount of mixed waste that is not diverted to recycle streams.

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