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Fiasco of modern Greek exam due to last minute teacher’s leak

The Education Ministry and not only have come under strong criticism after the modern Greek exam being sat by final year students was cancelled on Monday 30 minutes in.

Because topics on the paper were reportedly leaked by a teacher.

The message was spread early in the morning and, as expected, it stirred an uproar to thousands of students, teachers and parents and placed the Ministry in a difficult position. Primarily because of the procedure and way the exam’s subjects were sent out.

In the quarterly exams, the subjects are sent electronically to schools early in the morning and they are unlocked with a special code held by the administration.

They are then given to the teachers who make up the examination board of each school to photocopy them so that they can be given to the students who will be tested in a few hours.

Within that procedure, it appears that the teacher was informed of the modern Greek subjects which she obviously sent to a specific pupil.

The message saw the light of day early on Monday and the Ministry soon announced the opening of an investigation and its intention to proceed with a complaint and to the competent authority to identify the sender.

But apart from the problem created by the circulation of the message, things were made worse because of the way the Ministry handled the whole situation.

This caused further reactions as teachers, parents and students demanded that the examination be cancelled and set at a later time as senior students were quite upset.

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