NewsLocalFerry will service Larnaca, as well as Limassol, to Greece's Piraeus port

Ferry will service Larnaca, as well as Limassol, to Greece’s Piraeus port

Good news for travellers opting for sea rather than air transport now that a ferry will service Larnaca, as well as Limassol, to the Greek port of Piraeus.

Scandro Holding Ltd’s Daleela ship will begin sailing from the port of Larnaca early in August and up until mid-September on a weekly basis.

The one sailing from Limassol will launch in May, according to Marios Michael – CEO of the contractor Scandro Holding Ltd.

Specifically, the line will launch in May from the port of Limassol with a total of 14 sailings. Following that, the routes’ starting points will be moved to the port of Larnaca with eight routes beginning in August.

Official announcements will be made on Friday by representatives of Kition Ocean Holdings which took over management of the Larnaca port. Along with representatives of Larnaca Municipality and the coastal city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The journey takes approximately 30 hours from Limassol and an additional 2 hours from Larnaca. In terms of ticket prices, Michael said that they are awaiting information on port taxes before determining final prices.

Michael also said they have already presented the Deputy Tourism Ministry with the details of the vessel, the routes and the cooperating ports.


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