NewsLocalFemale employee forces kiosk robber in Limassol to flee (Update)

Female employee forces kiosk robber in Limassol to flee (Update)


A kiosk employee in Limassol forced a 20 year old would be robber to flee as he threatened her with a knife for the money in the till.

Around nine last night, the man first got a close look at the kiosk by picking something to buy and then saying he had no money to pay for it.

He then left and returned a few minutes later demanding the money in the till under threat of a knife.

The female employee refused and then begun shouting, forcing the 20 year old to flee the area.

He was found at three in the morning today, arrested and remanded in custody for four days over attempted robbery.

The youth admitted to a second robbery on April 20 at a kiosk on the Limassol coastal front, getting away with 400 euro that time.

Limassol CID is investigating.


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