NewsLocalFather storms into principal's office with toy gun

Father storms into principal’s office with toy gun

An enraged father stormed into the principal’s office at a Famagusta area primary school, toy pistol in hand, to complain that his child was being bullied, Phileleftheros reported on Tuesday.

It said that the incident occurred at a primary school near Xylophagou on Monday morning, but no official complaint was filed to police.

The newspaper said the father’s outburst occurred in front of the child, despite the principal’s efforts to calm the parent down. The father said he would report the principal to police and complained that even though the child was being bullied, the school was doing nothing about it.

The school informed the Education Ministry and the police. However, the school principal did not want to file a complaint, nor did the father.

The newspaper said that the Education Ministry would nevertheless be handling the issue, though quoting a source the newspaper said that this did not involve bullying.

As regards the toy gun, the paper said that he was carrying it because his son had wanted to bring it to school.



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