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Family of cataract patient filed complaint

The family of one of the patients who underwent a cataract surgery at Apollonion Hospital in Nicosia but were infected with a drug-resistant strain of bacteria, has filed an official complaint with the authorities. Another two families intend to proceed with a complaint on the same issue.

Regarding the complaint already filed, Raphael Misiaoulis, whose grandmother lost her vision due to the infection said that his family took legal action and another two families will follow.

Asked about the health condition of his grandmother, he said that she is still being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital with multiple problems and particularly bad psychology.

In statements, this morning, Elisavet Konstantinou, head of the public health services, said that she had completed her investigation and her findings have been submitted to the Health Minister.

The health condition of the five patients being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital, including the grandmother of Misiaoulis, is stable and their life does not seem to be in danger.

The other three patients who had been treated at Makarion Hospital have already gone home.


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