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Family of 20 month old baby who died of pneumonia files report of medical negligence

The lawyer of a family of a 20 month old boy who died on Sunday has filed a medical negligence claim at Limassol CID, philenews reported.

The baby was taken to Limassol General Hospital by a private paediatrician and from there to Makarios Hospital after showing symptoms of  septicaemia. The child died three hours later.

An autopsy was conducted on Wednesday by state pathologist Angeliki Papeta. Pathologist Marios Matsakis was hired by the family to be present during the autopsy.

Papeta said that the death was likely caused by septic pneumonia. She added that further lab examinations will determine which virus caused the symptoms.

On his part, Matsakis told Active radio on Thursday that he believed the death was caused by complications of the influenza A virus and did not rule out medical negligence.

He said that when paediatricians examine patients for influenza, they should rely on the clinical picture. When they deem that the case is serious they should send patients to a hospital immediately.

He also said that the rapid influenza diagnostics test can often be unreliable and that doctors should base their diagnosis on the clinical examination.


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