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Famagusta reference hospital returns to normality, covid patients on separate floor


The Famagusta General, operating as a coronavirus reference hospital for more than a year, returns to normality as of June 1st, offering all services to patients and covid patients being moved to their own floor with separate access, said Amalia Hadjiyianni, Scientific Director of the Famagusta and Larnaca hospitals.

Fourteen covid patients remained in the hospital as of this morning, with one in the increased care unit, while 47 are being hosted at the Eden Resort rehabilitation centre in Tersefanou.

The hospital is at 20% of capacity for covid patients, with the average age of patients at 54.

Amalia Hadjiyianni stressed that the marked improvement of the epidemiological situation in Cyprus as well as reduced admissions, are a clear result of a large percentage of the population being vaccinated.

‘The health ministry’s vaccination programme is running at great speed and that’s a great accomplishment of the ministry, managing to get the necessary personnel in place and providing enough vaccines’, Hadjiyianni noted.

Covid patients will be moved to the third floor of the Famagusta General on June 1st, with an external ladder providing separate access, while the rest of the hospital ‘will return to providing services to all citizens, the pre-pandemic operation’, as she said.

Hadjiyianni added that the completion of work on two additional floors, offering 54 extra beds, is vindication for locals who have not been able to get care at the hospital due to the pandemic for 14 months, but can now benefit from medical services without any fear, as ‘covid patients will be treated by staff on a separate floor with separate access’.

‘There could have been an expansion of the hospital 15 years ago’, she said.

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