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Extraordinary measures in Limassol and Nicosia due to increase of COVID-19 cases

The Health Ministry decided to implement additional measures in the Nicosia and Limassol Districts due to increase of the COVID-19 cases in these areas.

  1. Individuals are permitted to attend gatherings in houses and public meeting areas, with the exception of catering places, not exceeding a maximum number of 10 persons per house/group, including underage children.
  2. Mass attendance and other forms of religious worship in churches, mosques and other religious places, as well as religious ceremonies, shall be performed with a maximum number of 75 persons, subject to the protocols in force for places of religious worship.
  3. The holding of matches in the sports venues of Nicosia and Limassol Districts in the context of athletic championships, is allowed without the presence of spectators, provided that the relevant protocols are observed.
  4. The maximum number of persons allowed to be served in catering establishments in Nicosia and Limassol Districts is set at 75 for indoor spaces and 150 for outdoor spaces.
  5. The functioning of cinemas, theatres and performance halls is allowed with a maximum number of 75 persons in indoor spaces and 150 persons in outdoor spaces, subject to the guidelines and protocols in each case.
  1. Cocktail parties and well-wishing at weddings and christenings is prohibited. Physical presence is only allowed at lunch or dinner, with a maximum number of 350 attending persons.

The measures will last for 10 days, meaning until 23 October.


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