NewsLocalExpress work-permit procedures for Ukrainians, Russians in Cyprus a possibility

Express work-permit procedures for Ukrainians, Russians in Cyprus a possibility

The Ukrainian crisis appears to have opened a window of opportunity for Cyprus-based nationals from the war-torn country but also from Russia to help fill the island’s labour shortage gap.

That’s why the Labour Ministry is already considering express work-permit procedures for such nationals in a bid to also help them financially, Philenews reported on Friday.

Prospects for tourism due to the Russian invasion may not be as positive as at the beginning of the year, but the needs and plans of most hotels and other businesses have not changed for the time being.

Thus, staffing needs are there and insiders said there is considering the possible shortages of human resources to be covered by Ukrainian refugees who may arrive in Cyprus.

Developments on this issue will be recorded the moment Minister of Labour Zeta Emilianidou who has been isolating at home because she was diagnosed with Covid-19 returns to her office.

Using Ukrainian refugees to meet the needs in the tourism sector is something that Greece is also considering, according to what the country’s Minister of Tourism has already said.

For Greece, the situation is clearly different since the country is connected by road with Ukraine from where refugees have already reached it. To start with, dozens of Greek-speaking expatriates.

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