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Expert says COVID-19 situation to normalize by end of April

Petros Karayiannis, Professor of Molecular Virology.Microbiology at the University of Nicosia, expressed the view that the situation with the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases is getting stable. He noted, however, that attention should focus on whether the health system can keep up with the number of patients.He said that currently the number of cases is the same as during the January-February period when the stricter measures were implemented. The only difference is that now patients are younger since the older people have been vaccinated.

Asked to comment on the relations of restrictive measures that will be in place as of today, he said that there will be no problems if both owners and customers respect the measures.

Regarding the situation in Limassol, he noted that the situation remains stable but added that due to the measures announced, over the coming weeks there will be a reduction of the confirmed cases in the district of Limassol as well.

He also asked the people to respect the measures, to be patient and expressed the view that by the end of April the situation will become normal and we will have relaxation of restrictions.


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