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Expert expects three-digit cases with further deterioration in Winter

The three-digit cases of the coronavirus currently being recorded will continue, with a deterioration of the situation in the Winter, member of the scientific team, professor of microbiology and molecular virology at the Medical School of the University of Cyprus, Petros Karayiannis, has told CNA, noting that the situation is currently under control albeit borderline.

Karayiannis said the number of active cases has entered the community and therefore the risk of it spreading to other activities is higher.

Replying to questions, Karayiannis expressed hope that the measures in place would help contain the virus.

Karayiannis said he expected the measures to be decided during Wednesday’s Council of Ministers would further help curb the spread of the virus.

Asked if the situation was under control, Karayiannis said it would be if everyone realised that the situation was borderline, noting that another fortnight of measures would help place the situation under control.

“Unfortunately, there are many people who still behave as if nothing is happening,” Karayiannis said.

To questions regarding the Winter months, Karayiannis said people would be congregating indoors when it is cold and wet, which would favour the spread of the virus.

Regarding the vaccines, he said they were still awaiting the results of phase 3 testing.


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