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Expert expects reduction of COVID-19 cases due to measures

Even if there is a drop in the number of COVID-19 cases, this will not mean that the danger has been overcome and that this serious spike has been placed under control, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control at the European University and specialist with training in infection control, Dr. Constantinos Tsioutis, has told CNA.

He noted that at the end of this week a decrease in numbers was expected as a result of the measures imposed.

“The situation remains crucial, as in the past few days. We have more cases every day, it has spread to the community,” he pointed out, adding that he could not rule out the virus spreading to other groups of the population, namely the vulnerable, who would need medical attention.

Dr. Tsioutis said that the situation has stabilised at three-digit numbers but on the other hand the active cases are on the rise and there may be an increase of hospitalised patients.

Replying to questions, Dr. Tsioutis said one of the problems was the number of asymptomatic cases, which were going undetected, leading to a large number of contacts that will not be easy to trace.

He also said that as the numbers rise in the community, the virus will spread to the schools, and pointed out the need for an immediate new action plan.


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