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Exceptions to the restrictive measures for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday

In view of the Eastern holiday and in order to help people celebrate as best as possible but with safety, the following provisions of the health protocol are reminded:

  1. On Saturday before the Greek Orthodox Easter (1st of May) the curfew will begin at 01:00 am (morning of Sunday) so that church attendees can observe the Easter service outside churches (seated), or inside the churches for up to 50 persons.

On all other days the curfew begins at 21:00.

  1. Only on Easter Sunday (May 2), in addition to the permanent residents of a household, the presence in the homes of other people is allowed provided that they come from only two families and that the total number of people in the house does not exceed 10 persons, including minors.
  2. Only on Easter Sunday (2May) people are allowed to use two SMS to 8998 either for the same or for a different reason each time. In this way they are allowed to go out for a total of six hours.

Until ( May, people are allowed to go to another property either in the same or a different district by sending SMS to 8998, choosing option 8. The movement can be completed either on the same day within three hours or another day, during the permitted hours

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