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Even vaccinated individuals can be infected with Covid-19, but symptoms will be mild

Even vaccinated individuals can be infected with Covid-19 but they usually only have mild symptoms, as the vaccines prevent severe or even life-threatening cases of the disease.

This is what Philenews reports citing latest studies which also stress that even if someone experiences mild symptoms after a vaccination or tests positive for the coronavirus, the vaccine is still effectively. And doing what it’s supposed to do which is to prevent severe disease progression and death.

All of the vaccines approved by the health authorities of the European Union (EMA) and the United States (FDA) have shown high efficacy.

For example, mRNA vaccines from BioNtech-Pfizer and Moderna achieve about 95% efficacy, while AstraZeneca’s vector vaccine achieves 76%, according to recent data. However, this means that it’s still possible to become infected after a vaccination.

Still, if efficacy is considered according to the severity of the course of the disease, all vaccines perform significantly better than going without.

In the event of infection, for instance, vaccines usually prevent the type of severe reaction that requires people to be put on ventilators — or even kills them.

Covid deaths have occured after vaccination and this is because the

infection occurred shortly before vaccination or in the days immediately thereafter.

The body needs about two weeks to fully build up immunity.

Thus, complete protection is only achieved two weeks after a patient has received his or her second vaccination shot.


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