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European Researchers’ Night, for children aged 4-18 years old

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation will be presenting its multifaceted educational programme during the ‘Researchers’ Night’, an event celebrating science and research.

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation educational programmes are designed for children aged 4-18 and are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Researchers’ Night will give children a glimpse of new sciences, technologies and arts, through various activities related to the Cultural Foundation’s archaeological and ethnographic collections.

The event is an initiative of the European Commission, organised across European countries, and aims to highlight the important role played by researchers in society. The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, acting as an institute for research excellence, aims to link its museums and collections to the future of society by encouraging the development of critical and innovative thinking through experiential learning.

The educational programmes to be presented are:

When the earth takes shape by Souzana Petri

Children have the opportunity to come into contact with ancient pottery and its development in Cyprus, giving them a grasp of the raw materials used in manufacturing clay as well as the initial stages of clay production. They will also learn about the natural resources available to people for creating clay. At the same time, children will observe how clay is coloured using natural minerals, as well as how the process works.

World Voice by Maria Kramvi

This activity aims to bring music to children, teaching them about melodies and rhythms originating from various parts of the world. Through specially designed activities children will learn about Cypriot songs and beats, and in this way, they will be exposed to Cypriot culture and traditions.

Botanical colours and aromas by Evagoria Dapola

During this activity children will learn about the work of Elektra Megaw, experiment with the forms she designed, with herb collection techniques, natural dyes and textile weaving. They will learn about weaving techniques and batch dyeing using natural dyes extracted from indigenous and non-indigenous plants and weeds, seaweed and steam. Children will also learn about botanical principles. The ultimate purpose is to apply the knowledge they will obtain to their own piece of fabric.

Taking place on Thursday, September 27 at the Filoxenia conference centre in Nicosia, the event is organised annually by the Research and Innovation Foundation in partnership with academic and research centres as well as other organizations.

Further information available at and on Facebook as well as at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 86-90 Faneromeni Street, Old Nicosia, Tel: 22128157.

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