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Eurobarometer: Half of Europeans, Cypriots well-informed on cybercrime

The latest Eurobarometer survey on cybercrime published today by the European Commission found that only 52% of Europeans and 51% of Cypriots feel they can sufficiently protect themselves against cybercrime.

The publishing of the research coincided with the presentation of EU’s strategy on 5G networks.

The survey took place from October 8 to October 10, 2019, with 506 personal interviews conducted in Cyprus, and a total of 27,607 in the EU.

On whether they feel they are sufficiently informed on the dangers they might encounter online, 52% of Europeans and 49% of Cypriots said they are quite well or very well informed.

On what they are most concerned about, interviewees mentioned fraud, ransomware (locking of their computer for ransom), unauthorised access to their data, ID theft, and theft of bank details.

More than 1/3 of Europeans and 23% of Cypriots said they received fraudulent emails or phone calls requesting personal information in the last three years.

8% of Europeans and 5% of Cypriots were victims of ransomware attacks, while 11% and 14% respectively have had their email accounts hacked.

In Cyprus, 26% of subjects said they have dealt with viruses, 12% have seen extremist content against their will, 12% ordered goods they never received, 4% were involved in credit card fraud, 5% had their identity stolen, and 6% were exposed to child pornography against their will.

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