NewsLocalEU, Foreign Affairs Councils will discuss possible next steps on Turkey

EU, Foreign Affairs Councils will discuss possible next steps on Turkey



Peter Stano, a spokesman for Josep Borrell, referred to the statements made by High Representative Joseph Borrell while in Cyprus when invited today to comment on reports that Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu had rejected an alleged proposal of the High Representative for a meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Cyprus.

Peter Stano did not confirm the proposal and stressed that the High Representative during his visit and his statements from Cyprus conveyed the EU’s firm positions and referred for further action to the Foreign Affairs Council, which will take the relevant decisions.

Specifically, when asked to confirm the proposal for a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus and Turkey and comment on its rejection by the Turkish side and the possible next steps, Peter Stano said that, “I would basically refer to what HRVP said while visiting Cyprus. He was recalling the EU position on Turkey, the EU position on the activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and he was saying that these issues need to be taken forward and solved in a dialogue”.

So, he added “I wouldn’t go beyond what the HRVP said in Cyprus, but I would add that Turkey will be subject of discussions at the forthcoming European meetings, both the Foreign Affairs Council and the European Council, so that will be the best platform to discuss how to take this issue forward and how to continue our engagement with Turkey in order to achieve the change of the behaviour and actions and statements in this regard”.


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