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English School puts its “Students First” with new initiative

The ‘Students First’ Programme reinforces the English School’s Educational Mission, putting students first in terms of their academic experience and pastoral care.

Nicosia, June 1st, 2022:

The English School exists to promote academic excellence through high-quality processes of teaching and learning. The School seeks to maximise individual potential by providing rich and engaging educational experiences and challenges, supported by talented and trained staff, in a safe and caring environment and using modern pedagogical techniques and new technologies. The English School’s main goal is to prepare students to access the highest quality tertiary education and to become global and democratic citizens, empowered to adopt key leadership roles in their adult lives.

The English School is evolving and keeping pace with the modern era. Students First is a comprehensive and ambitious reform programme which is expected to frame the school’s development in the coming years.

The Students First Programme aims to reinforce the School’s educational mission, in preparing students to access the highest quality tertiary education and to become global and democratic citizens, empowered to aspire to key leadership roles in their adult lives.

The flagship Programme seeks to provide the best academic opportunities for all, while remaining true to the School’s vision to utilise modern practices, improve digital literacy, and continue offering an inclusive and student-centred learning environment.

Specifically, the Students First Programme will centre on three areas:

· Advancing the quality of the School’s curriculum, its specialisations, and continuing to improve pastoral care and all aspects of student support.

· Improving the performance and development opportunities of teachers and support staff, through the implementation of improved professional development systems, an enhanced appraisal process and a revised benefits scheme which is based on greater equality

· Upskilling of teaching and support staff in accordance with a long-term recruitment strategy based on achieving world-class educational practices.

In line with the above, the Students First Programme will feature advancements across all sectors of the School, including:

1) A greater emphasis on academic rigour with clearer communication with parents regarding student progress and exposure to an integrated programme of homework, assessment and student support.

2) Improved consistency across all subject areas to ensure that the development of students’ skills and knowledge is guaranteed in all areas of the curriculum. This will be matched by an enhanced extra-curricular programme to support the holistic development of all students.

3) A renewed focus on staff development to ensure that all students have the digital and communication skills to thrive at university and in the workplace.

With these objectives as a guiding principle, the English School, as a private school, aspires to continually improve and use international benchmarks to ensure all students have access to a dynamic learning environment. This will assure the full development of knowledge and skills and enable students to successfully make the transition to leading worldwide universities.

The Headmaster of the English School, Mr. David Lambon, stated: “Every educational organization must evolve. Especially when it seeks to remain a centre of excellence in our demanding times. Today we are launching an ambitious programme, Students First, with a deep commitment to the founding mission of our school and with the goal of continuing to create leaders of tomorrow. Reforms are a collective effort in which everyone has a way to participate and everyone will benefit. I thank the Board of Management for its trust and support and welcome the initial positive response from staff and parents’’.

The English School: 122 years of committed service to the community

The English School was founded in 1900 by Canon Frank Darvall Newham as a trust, a status it has retained throughout its more than 100-year history. The School’s assets were shortly thereafter transferred to a Board of Trustees and then codified into Cap.167 to secure its continuity. Since 2007 with a final instance decision by the Supreme Court of Cyprus, it has been decided that the English School belongs in the private education.

More specifically, the Supreme Court affirmed that the School was and shall remain the creation of a trust and that it belongs in the private domain.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to highlight certain key operational aspects that reflect and further reinforce the English School’s acknowledged status, some of which are:

– 95% of The English School’s revenue is derived from the tuition fees of its more than 1,100 students. The Cyprus Government grant is given to the English School because the English School has temporarily conceded one of its buildings to the Government for educational purposes.

-The Board of Management of the English School has entered into private contracts with each member of staff and teachers’ salaries are paid directly by the School.

With the Programme Students First underway, the English School is taking the next step in the future of education and pastoral care, whilst remaining focused on its students.

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