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English School protesters demand revocation of layoffs

Teachers, students, parents and others carried out a protest outside the House of Representatives on Wednesday demanding the revocation of the decision to “unfairly and illegally” lay off three members of the trade union.

As a teacher said they demand the revocation of the decision since the layoff was carried out for reasons against trade unions. She noted that they want to be a school with healthy labor conditions where trade unions and our rights would be respected. For this reason, she warned, additional measures will be taken if the issue is not immediately resolved.

Students also said that during the past year the atmosphere was heavy since teachers were unable to express themselves freely because there were orders from the administration not to discuss the issue of protests with the students.

House Speaker Annita Demetriou went to meet protesters who noted that they finally want to see some results and pointed out that the President of the Republic has not replied to any of their letters while the Labor Minister did not seem willing to help.

Mrs Demetrious said the House Education Committee has repeatedly discussed the issue but cannot impose its view. It can only place pressure to affect any result. Beyond that the Committee is examining the status of the specific school.

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