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English School problems discussed in Parliament again

A few weeks after the crisis that broke out at the English School, the school has already gone back to normal regarding lessons, with the two sides –the Administrative Council and the school staff’s union — being in negotiations before the Labor Ministry for various issues.

President of the Council Charalambos Iosifides, told the House Education Committee that some of the issues have been settled, while others, like the evaluation of the staff, are still pending. Iosifides expressed the will of the Council to continue negotiations with the staff.

President of the school staff’s union Myrto Chasapopoulou spoke of a terrifying atmosphere prevailing in the school by the management and the administration toward the staff. Referring to the forthcoming evaluation she said that the staff’s suggestion is to either postpone it or that it will be done by section heads, as it was the case the past, and not in the presence of a head since there is lack of trust.

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