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Employees have to continue taking rapid tests

Following today’s decision by the Cabinet for continuation of the program for mandatory antigen rapid tests for employees, the Health Ministry pointed out the following:

Employers/managers are responsible for ensuring that personnel take a rapid antigen test on a weekly basis as follows:

For businesses from 4 to 10 people, at least 4 employees should take the test

For businesses that employ more than 11 people, at least 4 people or 20% of employees should take the test, whichever number is greater.

Employees have to inform their supervisors in time about the test and its result without having to bring a certificate.

During a check by an authorized inspector, the supervisor has to present the weekly list of employees who have to have their weekly rapid test results.

If it is proven that the business does not respect the provisions, the businesses might be fined.

If an employee lies about having taken a test then the employee is at fault and he/she will be fined.


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