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Electricity grids of RoC and occupied north now interconnected

The electricity grids of the Republic of Cyprus and the occupied north are now interconnected into one network, Phileleftheros reported on Saturday.

It said that the first trial for integrating the two networks into one was on Tuesday, when when two units malfunctioned at Vasiliko power station.

About 100 megawatts of electricity supplied to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus from the Turkish occupied north were instrumental in preventing a blackout.

This development is part of a series of confidence building measures agreed by President Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on February 26.

The final agreement on electricity was achieved on March 13, between the technical teams of the two sides.

The two sides are now supplying electricity to each other on a daily basis.

In their meeting, Akinci and Anastasiades also agreed to the clearance of nine suspected hazardous areas on both sides of the island, with a view to working towards a mine-free Cyprus.

As a gesture of good will,  Akincı conveyed the decision of the Turkish Cypriot side to return paintings by Greek Cypriot artists that remained under protection on the Turkish Cypriot side since 1974.

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