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ELAM makes donation to school ‘meant only for Greek Cypriot pupils’

ELAM made a donation of jackets to pupils in need at Geroskipou A Primary School in Paphos on Tuesday, meant only for Greek Cypriots.

Party member Marios Vasileiou said that ELAM contacted the Parents’ Association in order to go to the school and donate jackets “to poor Greek pupils.”

The Parents’ Association denies that it had been informed prior to the incident.

The association in an announcement calls the incident “a misleading and fraudulent move of political exploitation.”

“The Parents Association of our school always provides generous assistance to all pupils without making any distinction. Under no circumstances did we have or have any cooperation with political parties, nor do we recognise the donation that ELAM claims to have made to  our school.  We note that members of the Association, illegally included in photos ELAM’s announcement, have already filed a complaint with the Paphos Police,” the announcement adds, while noting that the jackets were distributed to all pupils in need of the school “without any discrimination whatsoever.”

On its part, ELAM said that it will continue to support Greek Cypriots in need and that “it will organise food distribution in all cities.”

Reactions by other parties

DIKO said that “once again ELAM reveals its true face. The donation of clothes ‘only to Greek pupils’ as they said, is a shame, for our people who does not discriminate when giving to charity. Hellenism and Christianity, do not look at nationality and religion, when they offer help to their fellow people, let alone when they offer to children. ELAM’s reference to ‘jackets for Greek pupils’ constitutes a disgrace for our country and a racist behavior of the worst kind.”

In a similar tone, the Citizens’ Alliance said: “The so-called act of love by ELAM, the distribution of jackets only to Greek poor children in Geroskipou, is nothing but a racist act against children. As Citizens’Alliance, we do not accept discrimination between children or adults based on their origin, color, ethnicity or other criteria. We expect the Ministry of Education to intervene.”

AKEL’s student branch, EDON said in an announcement that “the neo-Nazi-fascist ELAM, proceeded into another racist act. By using Goebbels-like methods, it misled both the Parents ‘Association and the school board, discriminated between children and reproduced their hate towards children of refugees and migrants. EDON condemns practices that promote racism and the neo-Nazis’ attempts to sow hatred in schools.”


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