NewsLocalEgyptian admits killing Ukrainian woman after fight

Egyptian admits killing Ukrainian woman after fight

Following an interrogation by the Nicosia CID, the 32-year-old Egyptian friend of the Ukrainian woman confessed that he had killed the poor woman, also giving details about the cause of the murder.

As he said, the two had fought because the Egyptian was jealous of the 37-year-old woman. He punched her on the face and she fell on the floor dead.

He hid her body in a sewer and then he escaped to his country through the occupied areas.

He returned to Cyprus last January and at the time he got two Syrians to help him move the body to Athienou, where it was found by the Police.

The Egyptian will today be requested to indicate the scenes of the crime while the two Syrians who are being held as accomplices will be also interrogated.

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