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Efforts to cancel students’ excursions in Kakopetria due to COVID

The Kakopetria Community Council is requesting the cancellation of students’ excursions to the village amid the COVID-10 pandemic to avoid further spreading of the virus.

Speaking to philenews, Giannakis Iakovides, Kakopetria community head, said the Council has sent letters to all relevant Ministries and services requesting a decree prohibiting students’ excursions to the area for this year. He also expressed concern about the uncontrolled organization of these excursions since students come from various districts and particularly from the ones which have most of the confirmed cases.

Asked whether there have been reactions from hoteliers and other businessmen in the area, he made it clear that despite the fact that they have been greatly affected by the pandemic, they are willing to comply with any decisions made.

A representative of the parents association said the only concern of parents is to keep schools open and this will only happen if the virus is not spread uncontrollably. With these excursions that students organize themselves anything can happen.

Also Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou asked parents to prevent their children from participating in these excursions.

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