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Education Ministry sceptical over need for AC units at schools: Teachers to measure temp in classrooms

The Ministry of Education considers air conditioning harmful for pupils and believes installing AC units in schools is unnecessary.

A Ministry spokesperson said schools are closed during during the summer months and during the hottest time of the day.

Teachers have responded by saying they will measure the  temperature in their workplaces’today. On June 20, the issue of air conditioning at schools will be discussed in the House Health Committee and may also be brought to the  House Education Committee that discussed the same issue last year.

According to the head of Technical Services at the Ministry of Education, Andreas Marangos, air conditioning will expose children to acute changes in temperature which may take a toll on their health. In addition, according to Marangos, schools facilities will not be able to cover the energy needs for the operation of AC units. Also, in certain areas,  the EAC will not be able to provide the electricity required. Marangos also said that the cost of purchasing AC units, as well as electricity consumption and maintenance costs, are too high.

Meanwhile, the agreement between the Ministry of Education and EAC for the installation of solar thermal collectors at schools is being implemented. 105 schools already have solar collectors and more will be installed in about 450 to 500 schools.This is a project that exceeds €15 million in cost, with the systems to be installede expected to last for 20 to 25 years.

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