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Education Ministry proceeds with changes to school escorts

In an announcement, the Education Ministry pointed out changes referring to school escorts:

  1. The activities of school escorts helping students does not depend on administrative decisions or policy decisions but is governed by law and specific procedures provided by it.
  2. Any suggestions and or request expressed presupposing changes of the procedures, also presuppose a change of the relevant legislative framework.
  3. The Ministry has been recently examining certain suggestions for some necessary changes to the relevant law and for this reason there will be soon an announcement.
  4. Toward this direction a decision has been made by the Council of Minister for the establishment of a special advisory committee with the participation of experts to examine and possibly review the escorts of students who are part of Special Education.
  5. Among the issues discussed is the scientific evaluation of the special education, the necessary qualifications of the school escorts, the strengthening of the relevant committees, and so forth.
  6. The state is more interested in any gaps in the procedures than the number of school escorts available.
  7. The Ministry will promote soon relevant proposals to odify and improve the legislative framework.

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