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Education Ministry finally acknowledges “inappropriate” haircuts expulsions

In a new twist to the “inappropriate” haircuts and expulsion of high school students by a notorious headmaster in Larnaca story, the Education Ministry on Thursday basically dismissed its own statements.

To start with, the Ministry has acknowledged that expulsions on the very first day of the new school year did take place after denying this undisputed fact since Monday.

And then it slammed the headmaster at Larnaca’s Petrakis Kyprianou high school where a furor was again raised last June when he prevented five students from graduating because of their haircuts.

However, the Ministry stopped short from announcing any measures against the headmaster who seems to be acting arbitrarily and this has raised eyebrows once again.

Since Monday’s expulsions parents but also children’s human rights activists are protesting the headmaster’s actions but also the handling of both ‘haircuts’ cases by the Ministry.

They are describing both the headmaster’s and Ministry’s handling as ‘tragic’.


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