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Education Ministry boosts ‘art cinema’ venues with funding

The Education Ministry invited on Wednesday managers of cinema venues that screen Cypriot and European films to apply for its special allowance for the months of March until May.

In an announcement, the Ministry’s Cultural Services department said that the decision aims to “promote Cypriot and European cinema in Cyprus and financially support cinema venues until their reopening,” adding that to be eligible for the funding, a manager needs to demonstrate the following:

  1. That they are the lawful manager of the venue
  2. That the venue operates throughout the year
  3. That they are not receiving any other funding from the Cultural Services’ schemes
  4. The Cypriot and European productions screened in 2019 made up 60% of total screenings (a list must be submitted)

Documents that should be submitted:

  1. Certificate that proves the applicant is the venue’s lawful manager
  2. Solemn Declaration that they are not receiving any other funding from other programmes of the Cultural Services for the operation and activities of that particular venue
  3. Programme of 2019 screenings that proves the venue’s operation throughout the year
  4. List of the Cypriot and European films screened in 2019
  5. Statement of revenue for the six months prior to the compulsory closure of the venue signed by an accredited accountant

The Cultural Services will take into account the average ticket revenue of the venue in the last six months before the pandemic, and will provide 60% of the average or 1,500 euros per month, whichever is the smallest, for the months of March to June. In case the measures are extended, the program will be re-evaluated. The aid is granted as de minimis.

All the above need to be sent by Monday, June 8 to [email protected]

The results will be announced two weeks after applications are submitted.

For more information email [email protected] or call 22809812, 22809811, 22809846.

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