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Education Ministry accused of ignoring Commissioner’s letter on ADHD student

Maria Lottidou, Commissioner for Administration and the Protection of Human Rights (Ombudsman), has so far sent three letters to the Education Ministry, recommending leniency in the case of a student suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but has not so far received an answer.

The boy is a student in Technical Education who has been facing serious educational problems and has remained in the same class due to absences and failure in certain exams.

Since the opening of schools, the student refuses to go to the same class again, staying at home.

The Commissioner explained that the student’s problems are related to ADHD and to the omission of the school to provide the necessary facilities to which he was entitled.

Furthermore, she noted, most of his absences were due to medical reasons and a lack of psychological support.

The Commissioner told Phileleftheros, that the school has the discretion to permit to the child to continue in the next class for special reasons.

The student’s mother also spoke to Phileleftheros and after reiterating the child’s problems, she said the family may take legal action since the student’s rights are violated.

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