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Edek’s turmoil after expulsion of MEP Papadakis takes wider dimension

Edek leader and MP Marinos Sizopoulos on Friday said he had no intention of giving a statement to police regarding his criminal offence allegations against the party’s ousted MEP Demetris Papadakis. Nonetheless, he did give a statement to police who went to his office.

At the same time, a video is making the rounds showing some kind of a sting operation against Papadakis.

Papadakis told ‘Radio Active’ on Friday that a ‘criminal group’ was behind the sting operation which provided alleged evidence that prompted the party’s disciplinary committee to expel him on Monday.

“There is a breach of personal data, and a breach of privacy…some will be held accountable to justice over this,” Papadakis also said.

“The whole thing is a slanderous fabrication by Mr Sizopoulos who cannot prove anything he has accused me of. Whatever he has as evidence should be handed to Police, otherwise he is just a big liar,” he added.

Papadakis was accused of misusing EU funds for a private company – something which is a criminal offence if true.

The Attorney General had ordered police to ask Sizopoulos to give them a statement regarding his claims but the MP refused, saying the issue was closed for Edek. And that he had briefed the relevant European bodies which will deal with the issue.

Papadakis was also accused of breaching an agreement he had entered into with Edek where, upon his election as MEP on their ticket, he undertook to uphold certain obligations expected of party officials as stipulated by party rules.

Basically, that he would relinquish 10 per cent of his monthly salary to the party – something that he has failed to do.

In the meantime, resignations were submitted by high ranking Edek members in protest against Papadakis’ expulsion.

They all accuse Sizopoulos that “instead of uniting, he divides and manipulates members leading the party into introversion and a culture of back-stabbing”.


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