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Ecological damage from Arakapas fierce fire thoroughly recorded

The ecological damage from July’s Arakapas fire which was the most devastating ever in the history of Cyprus has been thoroughly recorded by the Forestry Department.

And the reforestation process is set to begin in the Autumn, Department spokesman Andreas Christou told Philenews on Monday.

“Right now, recording the ecological damage has been completed and planning has begun by the Forestry Department in collaboration with local authorities so that tree planting can begin in the Autumn,” he said.

“Tree planting in places close to the road network is also in the plan so as to restore the aesthetics of these areas,” he added.

The fierce flames had affected some 10 communities including Melini, Ora, Odou, Sykopetra, and Eptagonia, Ayioi Vavatsinias, Vavatsinia and Arakapas.

Large areas of pine forest and other vegetation were destroyed in just a few hours, as homes were destroyed and four young men lost their lives.

The first leaves in some types of trees affected by the fire can now be seen and the situation will be monitored by the Department, the spokesman also said. And he added that if any intervention is needed then the appropriate plans will be made.

On the other hand, the felling of burnt trees regardless of types that grow on state land is done only after the written permission of the Department.

Logging in a state forest as well as the possession and transportation of timber without the permission of the Department is a crime.

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