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ECDC categorises Greece “as of very high concern”, yet Cyprus keeps it in orange list

Even though the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s latest coronavirus risk assessment categorization of Greece was “as of very high concern” Cyprus still kept it in the orange category.

Orange category’s travelers do not have to present a PCR test upon arrival, Philenews also reported on Tuesday.

However, Nicosia’s “overview” comes at a time when the pandemic is worsening across the continent, it added.

This is not the first time that Greece seems to receive – from the epidemiological surveillance unit of the Ministry of Health at least – treatment that has nothing to do with purely epidemiological criteria but rather political and economic ones.

Given the severe deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Greece in recent weeks, keeping it in the orange category is a potential danger for the residents of Cyprus.

At a time when hospital and ICU admissions are all forecast to increase over the next couple of weeks.


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