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EC to offer additional financial support for bicommunal Technical Committees

The European Commission is expected to offer additional financial support for the bicommunal Technical Committees in Cyprus with an additional funding of one million euros, CNA has learned.

According to CNA information, this amount of money will be distributed with a view to finance Technical Committees` projects within a period of two years.

This is an additional funding aiming to facilitate and support the Technical Committees, a source told CNA, replying to a question, noting that most of the funds used by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and other Technical Committees already come from the Commission.

CNA has also learned that the funds may be distributed through the Project Management Office of the UNDP in Cyprus, as in the case of the funds allocated for projects of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, for the preservation and restoration of cultural sites and religious monuments in Cyprus. Heads of the Technical Committees have been informed about this development in order to submit proposals about projects to be funded.

Meanwhile, the bicommunal Technical Committee on Education will soon launch a programme of joint study visits of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot pupils who have already attended the bicommunal “Imagine”  project which aims at increasing connections between schoolchildren from both communities through peace education and contacts.

The first study visit of 40-50 students of highschool children is expected to take place in both sides of divided Nicosia, in March. These visits will involve various activites and the children will be escorted by their teachers and members of the Technical Committee a source told CNA.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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